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 a "French week activity" suggestion sent out in Sept. 03



Sent:   29-SEP-2003 23:40:00.78                      

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From:   IN%""  "Gail Woodbury"

Date:   29-SEP-2003 13:28:00.31

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Subj:   Special showing of "Etre et Avoir"


French teachers interested in taking their students to the Bell

Auditorium to see the French movie "Etre et Avoir":  I have

arranged for a special showing of the movie during the day on

November 5th. 


I thought this would be a perfect activity for our French students to

participate in for National French Week.  Please contact Adam Sekuler

at the University Film Society if you would like to reserve space for

your students.  (612-331-7563)


The movie will start around 12:15 or 12:30. 

     (Time is yet to be confirmed.) 

It is 104 minutes long.  Hope to see you there!


A bientot,        


Gail Woodbury

French Teacher


Providence Academy

15100 Schmidt Lake Road

Plymouth, MN  55446

Phone:  (763) 258-2500

Fax:  (763) 258-2501


         ~~~~~~~Mayor of Minneapolis Proclamation NFW 2003~~~~~~~


Sent:    3-NOV-2003 21:53:04.62                         

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Subj:   La Semaine Nationale du francais 2003


From:   IN%""  "Gaelle Berg" 

Sent:   3-NOV-2003 16:33:18.12

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Subj:   National French Week Proclamation



                        Happy French Week! 


I just received from Minneapolis' Mayor R.T. Rybak's office a

beautiful proclamation with the seal of Minneapolis, proclaiming 

November 5-11, 2003 to be celebrated as French Week.


I wrote to his office early in September, and when I received no

reply, I sent him a reminder last week, et voila, I got it! I sent

him a copy of the proclamation that Mayor Gary Doty of Duluth had

signed  a couple of years ago,that Cherie Petterson of Duluth Public

Schools had copied to us on email, and his office basically copied

Duluth's.   [NB from mlw of 'mnaatfnet': 

                       It can be seen on the MnAATFWebsite @:



I'm especially happy, because I when requested in 2001 a similar

proclamation from Sharon Sayles-Belton, but the  request was never



I hope that French teachers will use this to promote National French

Week with in their schools and with their students, families, and



Merci, Monsieur le Maire Rybak!


Gaelle Berg, MPS World Languages Curriculum Specialist


Following is the text of the proclamation:

   [Since then, we've received and scanned the original copy which is

    clickable at this website:



      ~~~~~~~~~FIRST SET OF NFW in MN REPORTS FOR 2003~~~~~~~~~


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Subj:   1st set of National French week in MN reports



  Date: Fri, 07 Nov 2003 12:21:57 -0600

  From: Anne Muske <>

  Subject: NFW in Lakeville



  This was our first year celebrating NFW at Lakeville High School, and we

  started small.  Attached is a list of what we did.  We look forward to

  hearing what everyone else did.


  Anne Muske

  Traci Nelson

  Julie Ostergaard                                                             


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Lakeville High School      National French Week 2003

        Wednesday -  learn a French expression

        Thursday -  eat French food (cafeteria menus in French,

                                                          crepe recipes available)

        Friday -  dress French

        Monday -  no school

        Tuesday - watch "Le Diner de cons" in the auditorium after school


Throughout week - French music in the halls, announcements on TV

                  monitors, trivia in the daily announcements,

                  spot on the school TV news program, general

                  encouragement to speak French between classes,

                  posters up in halls, personalized posters on lockers

                  of  all French students as well as on doors

                  of staff members who've studied French in the past

                 (Asterix declaring, "Je parle francais!"),

                  Eiffel Tower at school entrance





From:   IN%""  "Kathy Lahouze"

Sent:   11-NOV-2003 07:38:45.40

To:     IN%"

Subj:   Etre et Avoir


Bonjour!  Robbinsdale-Cooper took 40 kids to see this marvelous film.

We should have taken all 250 French students!  Only a smattering (the

"too cool" ones) thought there wasn't enough action..... Everyone else

loved it.  There is so much that can be done with this film on so many



Kathleen Lahouze and Kari Christensen 




Sent:   11-NOV-2003 08:22:32.35       

From:   IN%""  "Teefy, Patricia"

To:     IN%""

Subj:   Students to Etre et avoir


Students in the upper levels of French at St. Paul Academy &

Summit School went to a special screening of Etre et Avoir during

National French Week.  Prior to seeing the movie, I introduced

vocabulary related to film and film critique.  The students wrote a

review of the film.  Most of the students loved the movie.  They

enjoyed all of the characters, especially Jojo!


Patricia Teefy


Patricia Teefy

French Instructor

St. Paul Academy & Summit School

1712 Randolph Ave.

St. Paul, MN    USA





Sent:    13-NOV-2003 10:06:04.17                        

From:   CALVIN::MNAATF       "Am.Assoc.Teach.French-MN"

To:        MNAATF List

Subj:   More NFW in MN ….



From:   IN%""  "pnp53"

Sent:   11-NOV-2003 19:49:09.02

To:     IN%""  "Am.Assoc.Teach.French-MN"

Subj:   National French week in MN reports


    I am the lone French teacher at my middle school and this

was my first year putting on a celebration.  I made a bulletin

board display highlighting different selling points for French,

each one illustrated with colored clip art, and bleu,blanc,

rouge crepe paper strung across the top for the WL display case. 

I prepared a set of questions based on it and took my 6th

graders down in groups to find answers.


    I had a contest for 7th graders called "French Connections". 

I gave each subject area teacher a question related to their

discipline to display in their classroom.  Kids had 2 days to

find the answer and enter the contest.  I drew for winners from

each class- first one drawn with correct answer.  I gave teachers

the answers to post on the day winners were announced.  I got

the questions from FL Teach.  Prizes were 2 bags of gummy

Eiffel Towers tied together with yarn and a French pencil.


    Every day in announcements I had a French word of the day

and different little blurbs:


   Day 1, explanation of French Week

   Day 2, comments on Minnesota's French heritage

   Day 3, French inventions

   Day 4, invited students to the display case to find

               out 10 reasons French is better than

               chocolate (

 ( I started a day late!) 



I also suggested they check out what American companies  do business

with France, etc. I enjoyed working on this and will build on it for next year.


Thanks for all the ideas shared!


Ellen Poquette

Black Hawk Middle School

Eagan, MN 





Sent:     21-NOV-2003 19:54:59.84                    

From:    CALVIN::MNAATF       "Am.Assoc.Teach.French-MN"

To:         MNAATF List

Subj:     Lake Country School Nat.French Week 2003 report



From:   IN%""  "Carolyn Fisk"

Sent:   21-NOV-2003 19:25:44.66

To:     IN%""

Subj:   National French Week at Lake Country School


At Lake Country Montessori school we held a special event at

three levels in our school during National French Week.


With the youngest children who are 3, 4 and 5 years old, 2 of our

parents who perform regularly with the group Girl Germs, taught the

children Quebecois dances and songs.  They came in three times during

the week to work with three separate classrooms of 28 children each!


The lower elementary hosted a "petit dejeuner" of croissants,

baguettes, et pain perdu donated from The New French Bakery.


The upper elementary attended the film "Etre et Avoir" at the Bell

Museum Theater as well as having a "cassecroute" the afternoon of the

"petit  dej" with all of the leftover bread and Nutella from the morning.


We have carried on with National French Week by mounting colored flags

on large sheets of paper representing the 5 continents where French is

spoken. We have almost every country, island or departement outre mer

represented. They were on display for Grandparents Day, November 21.


Carolyn Fisk and Erica Tesdell 

of Lake Country School




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