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The FIRST National French Week in Minnesota Report for 2006...


                        Hill-Murray School - Maplewood, MN


From: Amy Lemme [mailto:alemme@hill-murray.org]

Sent: Tue 11/7/2006 11:23 AM

To:   MN-Am Assoc Teachers of French [mnaatf@stthomas.edu]

Subject: La Semaine Nationale du Francais




We are celebrating National French Week a little differently this year by

focusing on Tahiti. 


Monday:  Learning about Tahiti - its location, culture, customs,

language,  etc... 


Tuesday: Learning about artist Paul Gauguin, who lived in Tahiti in the

later years of his life.  Through a lecture and powerpoint, students learned

about Gauguin and compared him to the Impressionists, whom we studied last

year during French Week. 


Wednesday:  Art Day - Students will be able to create artwork in the style

of Gauguin using Cray-Pas (oil pastels). 


Thursday:  Mangez!  Students have volunteered to bring a variety of tropical

fruits and snacks to eat, as we listen to typical Tahitian and French music.



Friday:  French students serve faculty/staff  "petit déjeuner" -- pains au

chocolat, cafe, chocolat chaud, etc...  In the evening, we have French Film

Night, where we order pizza and show a French film to any interested



As we do every year, we had a locker poster contest, and the winning entries

were displayed on French students'  lockers and teachers'  rooms (who have

studied French or traveled to a French-speaking place).  We also had a

middle school French trivia contest.  Each morning, we read French Week

announcements on the PA, including the school prayer and Lord's Prayer in

French.  Finally, during passing times on Friday, French music will be

played over the PA school-wide. 


          Bonne fete de la Semaine Nationale du Francais! 


Amy Lemme

Liz Marin

Hill-Murray School

Maplewood, MN





2nd French Week in MN  2006 report:


From: Sarah Buchanan [mailto:buchansb@morris.umn.edu]

Sent: Thu 11/9/2006 3:53 PM

To:    MN-Am Assoc Teachers of French [mnaatf@stthomas.edu]

Subject: Mn Report -La Semaine Nationale du Francais


Here's what we are doing at the

                     University of Minnesota,  Morris:


MONDAY: Our French Club, Entre Nous, had a table in our student center and

gave out stickers with French sayings on them. The table with stickers has

stayed up all week, although students didn't "table" it after Monday. It has

been great to see people sporting stickers saying, "Je suis aime(e)" or

"J'adore le francais", etc.


TUESDAY: We took the day off, as the Entre Nous officers were involved in

helping with the election. We did, however, leave several stickers on our

table saying, "Votez!" or "J'ai vote".


WEDNESDAY: M. Aboubakary Moussa Moumouni, Humphrey Fellow, came to

UMM and gave a talk entitled, "Benin: Splendeurs et Miseres" to a very full room!


THURSDAY: Entre Nous is hosting a "Tour de Morris" tricycle race, which is

our version of the "Tour de France" bike race. We have borrowed tricycles

that support adult weights, and we have two relay teams that will race

around our circle drive!


FRIDAY/SATURDAY: Entre Nous has written up a quiz on cultural facts about

the history of French in Minnesota that will be printed in the campus and

community newspapers.



Sarah B. Buchanan, PhD                    

Associate Professor of French                    

University of Minnesota, Morris

104 Humanities Bldg.   

600 E. 4th Street

Morris, MN 56267 USA

(320) 589-6292




3rd French Week in MN  2006 report:


     St. Paul, MN Public Schools -  l'Etoile du Nord French Immersion School


Sent: Mon 11/20/2006 4:10 PM

To: mnaatf@stthomas.edu

Subject: FW: National French Week Report


l'Etoile du Nord

French Immersion School

Celebrates National French Week

November 2-8, 2006


l'Etoile du Nord French Immersion School was proud to celebrate National

French Week from November 2-8, 2006.


 Each classroom in our school chose a Francophone country to study for the week.

 Represented countries included la Reunion, le Maroc, la Tunisie, le Madagascar,

le Gabon, l'Algerie, and le Mali.  Thanks to the funds we received from an AATF

small grant, we were able to purchase French books on many of these countries

at grade appropriate reading levels. 






As students learned about the Francophone country that their class was studying,

they demonstrated their knowledge by decorating a large poster on their classroom

door.  Many posters included the name of the country, a map marked with the

country's location, a country  flag, cultural information, and a variety of artifacts

specific to that country. 





At the end of National French Week, our Francophone interns recognized

each door poster with an award,  in categories like "Le plus informatif",

"Le plus creatif", "Le meilleur choix de materiels utilises" et  "La meilleure

participation de toute la classe".



As we studied Francophone countries, teachers also taught several lessons on

world hunger  from the website http://www.feedingminds.org, which provides lesson

plans and materials  in French.  Classes discussed how hunger issues impact the

Francophone countries they were studying.  We gave all our Francophone countries

(classrooms) a chance to work together to stamp out hunger by starting locally with

a food drive for a Minnesota food shelf. 


At the end of the week, our sixth grade students delivered 917 food items to

Second Harvest, where they took a tour of the facilities and shared about our

National French Week activities.


The participation and response to our National French Week celebration was

overwhelmingly positive.  National French Week and our food drive were promoted

through colorful posters hung around the school.  One of our teachers designed

these posters and another created a thermometer-type scale for our school

entryway to track our food collection progress.  Students checked the food bins

everyday to see what had been contributed and cheered when it was announced

that we surpassed our goal of 800 items.  Some family and community members

shared traditional food, clothing, and stories in classrooms.  One teacher wrote,

"My class loved studying Madagascar. They're really proud of their door, and I

think they'll be drawing lemurs for the rest of the year.







Elizabeth Stevens

English Language Arts, grades 3-6

l'Etoile du Nord French Immersion School


            [ A brief article extracted from the above press release appeared in

              a Twin Cities newspaper's schools column in mid-November. ]



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