Celebrating National French Week 2005

               in Minnesota





         STILLWATER JUNIOR H.S.. Stillwater, MN


From: Amy Saur [mailto:saura@stillwater.k12.mn.us]

Sent: Wed 1/11/2006 1:35 PM

Subject: Nat'l French Week


Here is what we did at Stillwater Junior High, mainly with the French

2 students.  Most ideas were borrowed from other AATF members!


Tuesday:  Guess that cheese

- students brought in different types of cheeses and students were

to guess what they were from a list of options on the board. 

Points awarded for extra credit/


Wednesday: French Fashion Day

- students dressed in rouge, bleu, ou blanc, or dressed "French" for

the day.  We had a fashion show 5th hour where students wrote about

their outfit and the commentator read  the texts while students

walked down the "runway". 

Extra credit points were also awarded for creativity.


Thursday:   Trivia Day

- students and teacher participated in answering French Trivia

questions ranging from culture, monuments, and politics



Friday: Chocolate mousse eating contest

- students brought in dishes of chocolate mousse which were divided

among students.  There were specific rules enforced to avoid the

potential of disaster.


I hope this helps!  It seemed to be a big success for levels 1 and 2.


Amy Saur





               HILL-MURRAY SCHOOL, Maplewood, MN


From: Amy Lemme [mailto:alemme@hill-murray.org]

Sent: Thu 1/12/2006 8:16 AM

Subject: National French Week at Hill-Murray


Bonjour!  We celebrated National French Week again this

year at Hill-Murray School with a variety of in-class and

school-wide activities.


In our French classes:

- learned about Claude Monet and Impressionism through

   lecture and powerpoint presentations

- students painted in Monet's style; the beautiful paintings

   still decorate our walls!

- learned about the group Medicins Sans Frontieres and

   the work they are doing in French-speaking nations worldwide

- made crepes with French I and II

- had a fete de fondue au chocolat with French III and IV

- game day - played a variety of games, like Outburst,

   Mancala, Pictionary,  etc.


Throughout the school:

- French Movie Night!  This was a highlight for us.  We hosted

   a movie night on Friday night, ordering pizza and watching a

   French comedy.  This was open to all interested students, but

   mostly our French students attended.  We had about 40 kids

   there and it was such fun.  We're planning another one in


- French students hosted a petit dejeuner for the faculty & staff,

   serving pain au chocolat, cafe, chocolat chaud, the, etc.

- trivia contest for all students to enter

- locker signs for every French-speaking student

- door signs for every teacher/staff member who speaks French

   or has traveled to France

- decorated a large display case with French items and posters

- daily prayer in French and announcements about French facts

   on PA system in the morning

- French music played on PA system during passing time on Friday

- cafeteria items labeled in French


We encourage you all to celebrate National French Week!  It's a

great way to generate interest in French and to add some cultural

highlights to the regular class.  It's a lot of work, but worth it all. 

Our students always help us out so much and their excitement for

the week is so energizing!


Amy Lemme and Liz Marin

Hill-Murray School




 ::::::::::French Week 2005 in Minnesota Report 3:::::::::::

          MARSHALL MIDDLE SCH. - Duluth, MN


From: larkspurherron HERRON [mailto:larkspurherron@msn.com]

Sent: Sun 1/22/2006 2:36 PM

Subject: National French Week, 2005




For National French Week, my French students at

Marshall Middle School in Duluth did the following:


a. decorated the outside of all the classroom doors with

    themes such as "French in Minnesota", "French in foods/cooking",

    "French in the world of dance", etc. There were 22 themes!


b. created a Gallery of Famous French, a series of posters

    displaying pictures of famous French people and their

    biographies and contributions to their fields of expertise.


c. contributed daily "French Facts" to the annoucements read

   in every homeroom.


d. enjoyed a French breakfast with hot cocoa and croissants.

    Croissants were hand-delivered to teachers in their classrooms.


e. teachers in other disciplines were asked to make a "French

    connection" to their subject during that week.


These are all activities which we have repeated over the last

6 years (or is it 7 ?) since National French Week started.


Linda Herron

Marshall School

Duluth, Mn.



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