FLES Commission Poster Contest, 2009

Minnesota - National Winners






The AATF National FLES Commission announced the 2009 Poster Contest for elementary

and middle school students of French in kindergarten through grade 8 in a FRENCH

BULLETIN in Fall, 2008.


The National FLES* Commission Poster  Contestis chaired by Dee Dee Louman.


The theme for the 2009 contest :  "LE MONDE PARLE FRANCAIS!  A VOUS AUSSI"

                                                           (The world speaks French and so should you.)


Selected rules:

     Students enrolled in both public and private schools are eligible

     The captions may be in French or English.

     Grade categories are: K-1, 2-3, 4-6, 7-8.

     The sponsoring teachers must be current members of AATF.

     Entries will are limited to THREE PER CHAPTER FOR EACH CATEGORY.


The local chapters are asked to select the best posters to be judged on the applicability

to the theme, creativity, and effort


The first place winners in each category receive a $50 check. 

Winners in second and third place will receive gifts and certificates. 

Certificates of recognition are sent to all students.


Selected winning posters from previous competitions were made into notecards.



L'Etoile du Nord French Immersion School - St. Paul

Teacher, Linus Beni



K-1 Winners:


- 1st place winner,  Jason,  grade K. (Mes Amis Bienvenue!)




- 2nd place winner,  Faith,  grade K.  (Le Monde Parle Francais - horizontal)





Grades 2-3 Winners:



-  2nd place winner, Lauren,  grade 2   (le Monde Parle Francais -vertical)



-  3rd place winner, Eric,  grade 2







Also mentioned:

-  Category K-1. Olivia L.  grade K.



-  Category 2-3: Olivia O.  grade 2. 





poster photography  by John M. Graham




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