Le Grand Concours - 2001 - MN AATF

Awards Brunch was held - le 24 mai 2001

Minneapolis Golf Club St. Louis Park, Minnesota

Awards were presented on behalf of the Minnesota Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of French and participants in the program included:

    Cherie Pettersen, Contest Administrator, Minnesota

    Judy Johannessen - AATF National Vice-Pres - Félicitations aux gagnants

    Traci Nelson, President, AATF, Minnesota Chapter

Un grand merci !

to: Cherie Pettersen, GC Contest Administrator for Minnesota

Kathleen Lahouze, The Brunch Chairperson,

Dorothy Kress, Duluth Denfeld High School, Kirsten Nisswandt,

Duluth Central High School, and Michele Guilloton

for their help with prizes and so much more.

And to Kris Hughes for designing the Brunch program.

Merci aux élèves de Mounds Park Academy et International School of Minnesota pour leurs chansons le 21 mai 2001

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