Minnesota AATF French Speaking Contest


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2014 Logo Design winner - Olivie Vandenberge, Lakeville South


le 22 avril 2014

Coffman Union

University of Minnesota-TC

Minneapolis, MN


Registration 8:30-9:00am

Judges Meeting 8:30-9:00am

Student performances 9:00am – 1:15pm




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PARTICIPATING SCHOOLS (number of students)


Academy of Holy Angels (29)

Benilde-St. Margaret's (122)

Bloomington Jefferson High School (18)

Bloomington Kennedy High School (38)

Breck School (72)

Central High School (47)

Como Park Senior High School (53)

Coon Rapids High School (10)

Cooper High School (26)

Harding High School (51)

Hastings High School (6)

Highland Park Senior High School (62)

Hopkins High School (13)

International School of Minnesota (23)

Lake Country School (93)

Lakeville South High School (50)

Mes Amis French School (7)

Minnehaha Academy (12)

Minnetonka High School (15)

Prior Lake High School (19)

Rochester John Marshall High School (75)

Rochester Mayo High School (92)

Rochester Century High School (56)
Roseville Area High School (22)

St. Louis Park High School (11)

St. Paul Academy & Summit School (66)

St. Peter Middle & High Schools (19)

Stillwater Area High School (45)

Tartan High School (35)





****          excellent (bleu)

***           tres bien (rouge)

**                   bien (blanc)

*                assez bien


(Colors of ribbons for those receiving medals)





Prose & Poetry

Prose & Conversation








Anne Muske, coordinator

Clare Hagen, scheduling and awards

Betsy Kerr, judges and on-site arrangements



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6 Carolyn Fisk, Lake Country School Photos

* * *





Paulette Anderson                            Dana Lindaman

Christina Selander Bouzouina                    Rachel Faynik Marbell

Greg Cash                                          Elias Mokole

Kathy Chapuran                              Patricia Mougel

Francine Conley                                            Traci Nelson

Thomas Debay                                              Albert Nyembwe

Francoise Denis                                 Vaara Ostrin

Denis Depinoy                       Juliette Rogers

Kate Droske                           Joan Shrum

Julie Dunlop                                      Kathleen Stoddart

Francois Fouquerel                  Cristina Sturm

Marilene Haroux                                           Jerry Tarmann

Linda Herron                                                Erica Tesdell

Dianne Hopen                                               Annette Thunnissen

Mimi Jennings                                               Rick Treece

Nancy Ledesma                                             Mary Lou Wolsey

Alix Lewis-Sadrant









This was the first year that schools participating in A Vous la Parole received Renaud prizes. This year, $750 in Amazon.com gift cards were distributed among the schools that had at least 10 entries in the contest. The teachers will be purchasing French-related prizes for their students deemed most worthy of the awards.


Text on the accompanying certificates:


"Armand Renaud, emeritus professor of French, passed away in Minneapolis on February 16, 2012, at the age of 93.  With his passing, the department of French and Italian lost a valued former colleague and generous supporter.


Armand Renaud was born in the French-speaking community of LaSalle, Ontario, Canada, in 1918.  A naturalized US citizen and US Army veteran, he graduated from Assumption College (Windsor, Ontario) and Wayne State University.  He had intended to attend medical school, but during his studies in Paris, where he took classes in medicine and literature, he was increasingly drawn to literary studies.  Upon his return to the US he received his Ph.D. in French at Yale University.  After teaching briefly at Northwestern University, he joined the University of Minnesota faculty in 1957.  He served as chair of the then Department of Romance Languages for many years, where he introduced courses on existentialism, the theater of the absurd, and Francophone African writers, at a time when students in French Studies - and most teachers - had yet to discover the significance of African writers writing in French.


Born in France, Mr. Renaud's beloved wife Madeleine Renaud taught French at the Blake School in Minneapolis, where she was a wonderfully gracious teacher who gave generously and inspired many of her students to become fluent in French. She also provided help and support to Armand at the University of Minnesota. Both Armand and Madeleine remained strong supporters of French, spending their lifetime in service of "la civilisation francaise et francophone," especially in their work with and support for the Alliance Francaise and A Vous la Parole.


In his will, Mr. Renaud left funds specifically designated for prizes for A Vous la Parole. The following student: -name- has been awarded one of the Armand A. and Madeleine S. Renaud Endowment Fund prizes."


We are very grateful to the Renauds for their generous gift to the high school French students of Minnesota.






Minnesota Chapter of the AATF

Joelle Vitiello, president of the MN-AATF

U of M Department of French and Italian

Armand A. and Madeleine S. Renaud Endowment Fund

Olivie Vandenberge, Lakeville South (logo design)

St. Paul Central students (award preparers)


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