Mn Chapter, AATF - A Vous la Parole, Oral French Contest
Tuesday, March 14, 2006

[Contest rescheduled due to state testing in April]
Great Hall and 3rd Floor, Coffman Memorial Union
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities Campus

Quelques photos
fournies par notre Vice-Présidente, Patricia Mougel et par Clare Hagen et son équipe

Contestants assembled in the Great Hall before contest began.

Prof. Laurent Dechery, President, Minnesota chapter, AATF
Delivered greetings to the over 700 gathered contestants
and then performed.

    Laurent chante Georges Brassens

Rosemount High School group awaiting their time slot.

Two young men practicing to perform.

Watching the Video entries

Watching another video entry

A theatrical group!

Prof. Betsy Kerr, U of MN Dept. of Fren&Ital at the Judges Orientation Session

One of the "helper' team in the Awards Prep Room

Please send us information about student schools! for photo captions.

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For information about A Vous la Parole, contact: Clare Hagen - AVLP French Oral Contest, Coordinator

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