Mn-AATF Réunion Annuelle
4 mai, 2012

Chez Daniel, Embassy Suites, Bloomington, MN

Au dîner

2012 AATF-MN Dinner

Photo Portraits by LaRae Ellingson - Click Here

À la réunion après

Minnesota Chapter AATF Annual Meeting

Presiding: Lydia Belatèche, Chapter President

Senior Lecturer, Dept. of French & Italian, University of Minnesota-TC
Co-Coordinator, College in the Schools Program for French (U of Mn)

Lydia's U of Mn Fr/Ital Dept. weblink

Lydia's Hamline Univ. weblink

Whom we thank for her 5 year presidency, Aug. 2007- Aug. 2012

* * * GRAND MERCI! LYDIA * * *

Newly elected Mn-AATF Chapter president - Joëlle Vitiello

- assuming office in August, 2012 -

Joëlle's Macalester College webpage

Virgil Benoit, UND - Annonce la Fête Franco-Festival - 28-29 sept, 2012 - DeLaSalle HS Minneapolis MN
V.Benoit webprofile

La Fête remplacera notre Atelier d'automne 2012
Festival webpage

Programme - Tony Sandler
Chanteur, belge

De grand renommé international, il chante en 6 langues !
- mais uniquement en français pour nous ce soir-là -

Tony's Website

Accompanist, Jimmy Martin

Grand merci for the lovely table gifts coordinated by LaRae Ellingson
& provided by former Mn-AATF Chapter President, Traci Nelson -
mustards, soaps, candies, etc

Traci Nelson's newly created store offers a variety of French products
(open occasional weekends): Coquette Boutique - Elko, MN

- Arrangements coordinated by Mary Kuettner, Chapter Recording Secretary, LaRae Ellingson, and Lydia Belatêche

Mary Kuettner and husband

- Clichés mlwolsey -

Chez Daniel Website

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