Mn Chapter, AATF - Le Grand Concours
Written French Contest - 2005 - Second Report

                                          Bravo! et Félicitations!!

             1192 Minnesota students participated in the Grand Concours 2005

   Congratulations to their teachers, their schools, and to FLES participants as well.

Congratulations to the FOUR Minnesota National Gold Medalists!
- and to their schools and teachers:

         FLES Niveau 01C  =  Lake Country School, Caroline Crane-Fisk, Teacher
         Niveau 1A              =  Cooper High School, Kathleen Lahouze, Teacher
         Niveau 4C              =  Edina High School, Barbara Anderson, Teacher
         Niveau 5A              =  Cooper High School, Kari Christensen, Teacher

Voici les écoles et les profs des étudiants gagnants:   
              Liste Provisoire - 2005     Download as PDF File

Un très, très grand MERCI à la coordinatrice - Mn-AATF Grand Concours, Mary Ellen Weller et son équipe !!

        The Awards Breakfast in Honor of the Minnesota 2005 Winners
        was held on May 26, 2005 in Coffman Memorial Union at the
        University of Minnesota, Minneapolis -Twin Cities Campus, East Bank

A group of Mounds Park Academy Winners
Merci to leur prof, Joel Swanson for sending us the photo

Will anyone having digital photos of the actual awards breakfast please contact:
         MnAATF Website Coordinator

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For information about Le Grand Concours, contact:
         Mary Ellen Weller - MN Grand Concours, Coordinator

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