Mn-AATF Réunion Annuelle
6 mai, 2011

Minnesota Humanities Center
St. Paul, Minnesota

Au dîner

2011 AATF-MN Dinner

Photo Portraits by LaRae Ellingson

À la réunion après

Minnesota Chapter AATF Annual Meeting

Presiding: Lydia Belatèche, Chapter President

FOURTEENTH French Teacher of the Year - 2010/11
Caroline Little

(l->r) Caroline Little & LaRae Ellingson, Treasurer/Award Coordinator

Caroline Little, French teacher at St. Thomas Academy, Mendota Heights, MN was honored on Friday, May 6, 2011 by the Minnesota Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of French and named French Teacher of the Year 2010-2011 after the dinner.

Many from among those on this list of
former Minnesota French Teachers of the Year
were present as invited guests

STACY BERGLUND - 1997 - Anthony Community Middle School, Minneapolis

LINDA ALBERTSON - 1998 - Eagan High School

VIRGIL BENOIT - 1999 - University of North Dakota, AFAM and AFRAN

CAROLYN CRANE-FISK - 2000 - Lake Country School

MAUREEN ELWELL PELTIER - 2001 - Saint Thomas Academy

MOLLY WIELAND - 2002 - Hopkins High School

BETSY J. KERR - 2003 - University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

PATRICIA DECKAS-BECERRA - 2004 - Robbinsdale Area Schools

FRANÇOISE DENIS - 2005/2006 - Macalester College

KATHLEEN LAHOUZE - 2006/2007 - Cooper High School, Robbinsdale

JOHN J. JANC - 2007/2008 - Minnesota State University, Mankato

MARY ELLEN KASAK-SAXLER - 2008/2009 - Stillwater Area High School

SUE CIPOLLE - 2009/2010 - Benilde-St. Margaret's High School

For further details see: Mn AATF French Teacher of the Year webpage.

Honored Guest Speaker - Louise Dillery

For Information on acquiring the DVD Au Pied du Lion - contact: Linda Rae Albertson

St. Catherine Alumnae link: article on Louise Dillery

Grand merci for the lovely table gifts coordinated by LaRae Ellingson
& provided by former Mn-AATF Chapter President, Traci Nelson -
mustards, soaps, chocolate truffles

Traci Nelson's newly created store offers a variety of French products
(open occasional weekends): Coquette Boutique - Elko, MN

- Arrangements coordinated by Mary Kuettner, Chapter Recording Secretary & the Board
- Wine selected by 1st Vice-President, Rick Treece
- Clichés LaRae Ellingson & M. L. Wolsey


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