A Vous la Parole




Minnesota statewide oral French contest

 founded by Michel Monnot and sponsored annually by the MN-AATF


April 20th, 2010

9:00 am - 1:30 pm

University of Minnesota

Coffman Union


logo created by Chandler Larson, Lakeville North HS

(used for program cover, temporary tatoos, and tee-shirt)




Participating Schools

 BRAVO to the students and their Profs!


Academy of Holy Angels   (22)

Apollo High School  (9)

Benilde-St. Margaret¹s   (93)

Bloomington Kennedy High School   (22)

Breck School   (72)

Central High School  St.Paul  (75)

Chaska High School   (15)

Chanhassen High School   (4)

Como Park Senior High School (32)

Cooper High School    (22)

Harding High School   (50)

Highland Park Senior High School   (27)

Hopkins High School   (22)

International School of Minnesota   (24)

Lake Country School    (84)

Lakeville North High School    (33)

Lakeville South High School    (5)

Mes Amis French School    (6)

Minnehaha Academy    (11)

Northfield High School    (62)

Prior Lake High School    (9)

Rochester John Marshall High School   (72)

Rochester Mayo High School    (54)

Rochester Century High School   (50)

St. Paul Academy & Summit School   (73)

Stillwater Area High School   (51)



(total number of entries in parentheses)















Registration                     8:30-9:00 in the Great Hall foyer

Judges¹ Meeting       8:15-9:00 in room 333

Opening Ceremony  9:00-9:20 in the Great Hall


Performances       9:30-1:00 Coffman Union 3rd Floor

                                                with 2 exceptions


           in locations as listed below:


Room                                               Description/Category

303B                                                Prose & Poetry; Conversation (1-3; 22)

303A                                                Prose & Poetry (4)

302                                               Prose & Poetry (5)

301                                               Prose & Poetry (6; 1-3)

324                                               Prose & Poetry (7 & 8)

Theater on 1st                            Beg. & Adv. Theater (9 &11)

Pres. (332)                                                      Int. & Adv. Theater (10 & 11)

323                                                    Adv. Theater & Beg. Solos (11 & 13)

325                                                    Beg. Solos (13)

Board (307)                                  Beg. Small Group Song (14)

Great Hall on main                      Beg. Large Group Song (15)

Miss. (321)                                                      Adv. Song Categories (16, 17 & 18)

303C                                                Beg. & Inter. Reading (19 & 20)

305                                                    Adv. Reading (21)

304                                                    prep. room for categories 19-22

319                                                    certificate/awards prep room

326                                                    DVD entry viewing; equipment room

333                                                    judges' room (meeting and breaks)

Miss. Lounge                                   open space








****     excellent  (bleu)     medal on blue ribbon

***       tres bien   (rouge)  medal on red ribbon

  **       bien     (blanc)        medal on white ribbon

               *           assez bien                certificate of participation




* * * * * * *



2010 AVLP:  997 student contestant total entries,

981 of them meriting medals:

 528 blue       335 red         118 white




Teachers awaiting and then collecting bags of their students' medal awards & certificates


Awards prep room - contest coordinators and busy Central HS St Paul preparers!




Student contestant groups preparing to perform










A group of Connie Larson's Rochester John Marshall students with their medals and certificates




to  the  AVLP 2010 Committee


Clare Hagen*, coordinator, scheduling & awards

Betsy Kerr, judges & on-site

Annie Muske, theme & t-shirts

Frederique Schmidt, opening ceremony



* After 14 years of excellence in contest coordination, Clare is retiring this year.  The Minnesota chapter of the American Association of Teachers of French owes her a huge debt of gratitude.



 Bravo Clare Hagen!



for many years of excellent coordination of the AVLP concours.





to the AVLP 2010 Judges


Ruth Aaskov                      Virginie Marcy

Laura Sbarra Anderson           Kimerly Miller

Pat Deckas Becerra                 Sharon Nichols

Lydia Belateche                         Vaara Ostrin

Gaelle Berg                                  Kathy Reynaud

Walter Blue                                  Nathalie Sacha

Christina Bouzouina                  Joan Shrum

Kathy Chapuran                         Edward Stafford

Anca Coleman                            Kathy Stoddart

Kate Droske                       Anna Tahinci

Eugene Edie                       Jerry Tarmann

Courtney Faragher                    Erica Tesdell

Mary Feeney                      Corbin Treacy

Francois Fouquerel                   Annette Thunnissen

Nelly T. Hewett                            Sara Wellman

Holly Kuisle                                 Trina Whitaker

Stephanie Lohse                        Mary Lou Wolsey






Judges training session



Judges Coordinator, Prof. Betsy Kerr (U of Mn TC)

Shows the AVLP 2010 tee-shirt


"Qui se ressemble, s'assemble!"



Special thanks to -


Minnesota A.A.T.F., Lydia Belateche (president)


U of M Department of French and Italian


Chandler Larson from  Lakeville North (logo design)


St. Paul Central French students (award preparers)


Melissa Larson



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