Mn-AATF Samedi 2 mai, 2009

Macalester College
St. Paul, Minnesota

Honored Guest - French author, René Frégni

- sponsored by the Minnesota Chapter - American Association of Teachers of French with help from the National AATF, Gustavus Adolphus College and Macalester College.

Special thanks to Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, Minnesota French professors, Anne-Marie Gronhovd and Laurent Déchery for all their help in organizing the visit.

During his week-long visit, in addition to speaking at the annual dinner meeting, the author presented a writing workshop for advanced students at Macalester College on Wednesay, April 29 and was guest of the chapter's Cercle de Lecture on Saturday, May 2 for a discussion of his book, Où se perdent les hommes. After a potluck lunch provided by chapter board and members, he conducted a writing workshop for French profs. He was guest speaker at Gustavus Adolphus College on Monday, May 4 before his return to France.

Site Ouaibe de M. Frégni:

1988 - Les Chemins noirs      (DeNoël Folio 2361) Prix Populiste 1989
1990 - Tendresses des loups       (DeNoël Folio 3109)
1992 - Marilou et l'assassin       [littérature pour les enfants]
1992 - Les Nuits d'Alice      (DeNoël Folio 2624) Prix spécial du jury du Levant 1992
1994 - Une enfance volée       [roman autobiographique]
1994 - Le Voleur d'innocence       (DeNoël Folio 2828)
1996 - Où se perdent les hommes?      (DeNoël Folio 3354)
1998 - Elle danse dans le noir      (DeNoël Folio 3576) Prix Paul Léautaud 1998
2000 - On ne s'endort jamais seul      (DeNoël Folio 3652) Prix Antigone 2001
2002 - L'Été      (DeNoël Folio 4419)
2004 - Lettre à mes tueurs      (DeNoël Folio Policier 428)
2006 - Maudit le jour      (DeNoël)
2008 - Tu tomberas avec la nuit      (DeNoël)

Cercle de Lecture

Petit Déj et discussion au sujet de son roman,
Où se perdent les hommes


Petit déjeuner et déjeuner organized by the Mn-AATF Chapter Officers

[suivi d'un Atelier au sujet de l'écriture]

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