A Vous la Parole

         Minnesota-AATF Oral French Contest


                  April 10th, 2008





                  (Founded by Michel Monnot & sponsored annually by the MN-AATF)


                  9:00 am - 1:30 pm

                    University of Minnesota

                    Twin Cities, East Bank

                        Coffman Union


* *  *  * *


   Participating Schools


Academy of Holy Angels

Blake School

Breck Middle School

Breck Upper School

Central High School

Chaska High School

Como Park Senior High School

Cooper High School

Edina High School 

Harding High School

Hidden Oaks Middle School (Prior Lake)

Highland Park Junior High School

Highland Park Senior High School

Hopkins High School

Kennedy High School

Lake Country School

Lakeville South High School

Marcy Open School

Minnehaha Academy

Northfield High School

Prior Lake High School

Rosemount High School

St. Paul Academy

Stillwater Area High School

Washington Tech Magnet Middle Sch (St. Paul)


                          *  *  *








  Lydia Belateche, U of MN TC,  MN-AATF President, Moderator

         Sing-a-long led by Laurent Dechery, Gustavus Adolphus, Immediate Past-Pres.


            *  *  *


                         The Ratings


                ****          excellent  (bleu)

          ***           tres bien  (rouge)

           **           bien       (blanc)

           *            assez bien


Registration               8:30-9:00 in the Great Hall

Judges Meeting          8:15-9:00 in room 333

Opening Ceremony      9:00-9:20 in the Great Hall


   Performances        9:35-1:30 in various locations

Room                Description

301                             Prose & Poetry – French I

302                             Prose & Poetry – Fr. II & III

303A                      Prose & Poetry – Fr. III & IV

303B                      Prose & Poetry – Fr. III, V & special

332  - Theater         - Beginning and Advanced Theater           

                           – Intermed. and Advanced

325                        Song – Beginning Solos

321 – Miss.              Song - Beg. & Adv. Small Groups

307 – Board              Song – Adv. Solos & Adv. Sm. Groups

Great Hall               Song – all Large Groups

303C                      Reading – Beginning and Advanced

304                        prep. room for extemp. categories

305                        Reading – Intermed.  and Conversation

326                        viewing of video/DVD entries

Miss. Lounge             open area

323                        open area

324                        open area

319                        Awards room

333                        Judges' room (meeting and breaks)




              *  *  *



More than 600 students (some of whom presented in more than one category) gathered in Coffman Union on the University of Minnesota campus the morning of April 10th to compete in the 2008 A Vous la Parole oral contest.


A total of 697 medals were awarded: 296 blue, 300 red and 101 white) in the various categories of prose/poetry, song, theater, reading, conversation and (original DVD = submitted in advance).


A special thank you to Lydia Belateche for emceeing the opening ceremony and Laurent Dechery for leading a sing-along before the judging began.


               *  *  *





Random AVLP 2008 Contestants






          AVLP 2008 Organized by -

Clare Hagen, coordinator, scheduling & awards

Betsy Kerr, judges & on-site

Anne Muske, t-shirts




Special thanks to -

*University of Minnesota Department of French and Italian 

*Minnesota AATF Board

*Minnesota State University, Mankato - Dept. of Modern Languages

           (donation of money towards door prizes)

*Rosemount High School Students  (collection of judging sheets and preparation of awards packets)

       Habeeba Afzal, Shelby Gamache, Jill Judy, Kacey Kujala,

       Eva Li, Courtney Marti, Jana Shurts & Ashley Wolfgang

*Lydia Belateche (this year's theme)

*Yevette Willaert from Lakeville South High School (logo design)




Clare Hagen & helpers in the Awards Room





                *  *  *




Ruth Aaskov             Eugene Edie                     Edward Stafford     

Laura Anderson         Mary Jo Eide                   Anna Tahinci                    

Gaelle Berg              Nelly T. Hewett                Jerry [Wagnild] Tarmann       

Lydia Belateche        Betsy Kerr                       Annette Thunnissen                    

Celine Braun             Stephanie Lohse                Sophie Toner 

Karine Cantin            Patricia Mougel                 Rick Treece                     

Anca Coleman            Vaara Ostrin                    Peter Vantine         

Coleen Colton            Jane Simon                      Mary Lou Wolsey

Laurent Dechery       Eileen Sivert                                     




                       JUDGES'  ROOM









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