MnAATF FallWorkshop - 15 septembre 2007


CLA Language Center

Jones Hall, University of MN Twin Cities

Coordinator:  Rick Treece, Mn-AATF 1st Vice-President (Programs)



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     "Comment voulez-vous gouverner un pays

               ou il existe 246 varietes de fromage ?"


                                                                                                               [ Use of French accents isn't possible in this format -

                                                                                                                                                thus the underlining substitution.]



                                J. Kim Munholland

                        U of Mn Dept. of History, professor (emeritus)


    early AM Scenes in the Room 30 AV space:



  The group moved to the next door lab for the rest of Prof. Munholland's

presentation so the caterers could do their luncheon setup in Room 30.


               [ Lunch was both plentiful and scrumptious. ]






                            Kim Munholland continued



                     in the Computer Lab next door




Afternoon Scenes: Group Activity

   Preparing Worksheets/Powerpoints







       Powerpoints for the classroom based on research by College in the Schools instructor,

                    Tom Halloran, Eden Prairie High School:

                                      -   Presidential elections in France avant mai 2007  

                                      -   Questionnaire on French Presidential electoral process


         Initial Workshop Invitation flyer


                      Created 16 Sept. 2007 for  as   Updated: 17 sept 2007