Mn-AATF Réunion Annuelle
13 avril, 2007

Chez Daniel Bistro, Embassy Suites
Bloomington, Minnesota

Dinner Scenes

(l-r) Carolyn Crane-Fisk and Maureen Elwell Peltier

(l-r) Judith Blyckert, Mary Kuettner*, Raymonde Bulger, Kathleen Lahouze
         * newly re-elected Corresponding Secretary

(l-r) Carolynn Johnson, Françoise Denis,Linda Rae Albertson, Jeanne Comeford

(l-r))Kari Christensen, Shirley Flittee, Betsy Kerr

                                     Ruth Aaskov and Lydia Belatèche*
                                                       *newly-elected 2nd VP/President-Elect

                                                                                                           Rick Treece*, Mary Lou Wolsey, Virgil Benoit
                                                                                                      *newly elected 1st Vice-President

(l-r) Laurent Déchery, **Sharifa (la Marocaine), **Mary Ellen Kasak-Saxler, Patricia Mougel, LaRae Ellingson
** Fulbright exchange partners, 2006-2007

TENTH French Teacher of the Year - 2006/2007
Kathleen Lahouze

Cooper High School, Robbinsdale, MN

Kathleen LaHouze (r)

[ and La Rae Ellingson (l), Teacher of Year Committee Chair ]

Award Ceremony Citation comments (extracts) by Kathy's nominators:

"She consistently demonstrates her love of the French language and francophone cultures. She studied at the Sorbonne, in their regular classes for a year, and then returned to graduate from Carleton College. She went on to teach in the Robbinsdale school district in 1969. She then went back to live in France for several years. She has also lived in Abidjan, in the Ivory Coast for a year (or two) where she taught in high school. Every year, she expands her students' horizons by telling them about her travels plus she has lead at least 25 groups of students to France on three week summer trips, for which she was not paid. .." ( Pat Deckas-Becerra, retired former colleague at Cooper HS )

"Kathie est adoree par tous les professeurs qui ont le plaisir de voyager avec elle. The feedback from her co-leaders every year is 'extraordinaire.' ...Elle réussit avec tout le monde à cause de son charme et sa chaleur. Each year after she takes her students abroad, she takes the time to stop in for a visit and share the many new tips she's found--for restaurants, fromageries, new directions toujours un cadeau de bonbons français en plus! ".. (Liane Mattson - Languate & Friendship travel program)

Eight of the Ten MN Chapter, AATF French Teachers of the Year
[current series]

(back row l-r) Virgil Benoit (III), Betsy Kerr (VII), Kathy Lahouze (X), Carolyn Crane-Fisk(IV), Maureen Elwell Peltier(V)
(front row l-r) Molly Wieland (VI), Françoise Denis (IX), Linda Rae Albertson (II)

[ absent: Stacy Berglund (I) & Patricia Deckas Becerra (VIII) ]

For further details see: Mn AATF French Teacher of the Year webpage.



David Lee Echelard,       Brian Barnes,              Suzanne Cooley
(la vielle, la musette*)       (porte-parole et l'accordéon)         (la vielle)        

[ hurdy-gurdy, Auvergne pneumatic bagpipe*, button accordion, hurdy-gurdy ]
*not pictured above                  

               Laurent Déchery (Mn-AATF, President)                                                learning la Bourée "line-dance style"
and le Limousin                                                                                                                          

Clichés fournis par:
notre Trésorière, LaRae Ellingson

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