Mn-AATF at MCTLC Conference       

19-20 octobre, 2006
Earle Brown Conference Center, Brooklyn Center, Minnesota

Quelques Clichés
fournis par notre Président, Laurent Déchery

Pendant le discours du Prof. John Janc, Mankato State University of MN
vendredi 20 octobre - Session #3 - 13h10-14h00

«Que se passe-t-il en France?»

Former Minnesota Chapter AATF President, John Janc
directs an annual summer program in Orléans
visits France and reports regularly via his "Que se passe-t-il en France?' articles
in MCTLC's Minnesota Language Review.

See the website of the Minnesota State University Mankato summer program in France


1 of 3 language-specific lively musical Closing Sessions
vendredi 20 octobre: 15h10-16h00

sponsored by the Minneapolis-based Alliance Française

le groupe

(à gauche et aussi à droite on joue de la vielle 'hurdy-gurdy')

"Prior to WWI the popular bals musette of Paris were run by Auvergnats, originally from mountainous central France.
They played their musette bagpipes, hurdy-gurdies and accordions, as well as mandolins and guitars for the working class of Paris
around the Bastille district who spent their evenings drinking, laughing, and dancing la bourée, la valse, and the 'schottische'.
Ensemble Limousin took the audience back to Paris of the year 1900, so that they could relive this unique period of Parisian life."

               le trio de musiciens

(à droite on joue de la musette
'single-chanter Breton/Auvergnat bagpipe')

        [Pas de photo]
Une "Pre-conference meeting" du chapitre, MN-AATF
a eu lieu jeudi, 19 octobre de 15h00-15h50
juste avant la Session #1.

        Session #1 16h00-16h50:
        "Faking French Pronunciation (for NON-speakers of French)"
        Rick Treece, Univ. of Mn/TC Dept. of French and Italian

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