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1st Report: Macalester College Presents a film and speakers
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Subj: Film and lecture at Macalester College

Clayton Eshleman, a premier translator of the Aime Cesaire, founder of negritude school of poetry will give a lecture on the translation of Aime Cesaire at noon on the 4th floor of Old Main, and a lecture on the process of creative writing and a reading of his own poetry on Friday, Nov. 8. at 7 pm in Weyerhaeuser Chapel.

There will be a series of lectures at Macalester College by Dr. Boliya Ngoy, the President of Congo Protestant University in Kinshasa. He is visiting the U.S. for the semester and will give a lecture on Tuesday, November 12, 2002 at the Weyerhauser Chapel at 4:30 on "In the Footsteps of Leopold's Ghost: Surviving in the Congo from Mobutu to Kabila and Beyond." The lecture will be in French and interpreted in English.

Dr. Ngoy will also speak at the French House on Thursday, November 14 at 11:45 on the topic of "Politics in Post-Mobutu Congo, including Linguistic and Cultural Politics". The French House is located at 196 Vernon Street, Saint Paul. It is part of the Macalester College Campus. Finger food and beverages will be served.

2nd Report: Breck School- Minneapolis reports on Cheese Tasting Activity
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Subj: French week report

Bonjour à tous!

For our French week celebration this week in Breck's Middle School, we did a cheese tasting!

We started the 40-minute lesson with a worksheet on cheese (just trivia,in both English and
French - e-mail me for a copy!).

Some questions included: "Combien de fromages existent en France?" and "Identifiez les 'fromages
faux'" followed by a list of true and fake cheeses. We then reviewed the worksheet together.

Our primary task, of course, was tasting the cheeses! I introduced our five cheeses: Emmental,
Raclette, Chevre, Brie, and Roquefort. I described their taste in French and allowed students to ask
questions in French and English. They could select two that they wanted to taste. I asked them to go one
step outside of their comfort zone - if they were adventurous eaters, they should try the Roquefort,
but if they usually just ate mild cheese, they should try the Emmental, Raclette, or maybe the Brie.
We then discussed how the cheeses tasted in both French and English. We also had apples and Saltines.
To end the class, we looked at the adventures of Meuh-Oui and Meuh-Non at the Ermitage website
(using a laptop projector): Ermitage Website

This website features some animation about cheese and how it is served and eaten. This was a good filler
for the end of the class, since each class took a different amount of time in serving and tasting the cheese.

à la prochaine! Pam Wesely

3rd Report: Marshall Middle School- Duluth reports on Door Decorating Activity

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Subj: National French Week, 2002

Here at Marshall Middle School in Duluth, MN, we celebrated for the entire week by decorating all the
classroom doors using themes such as Famous French Scientists, The Francophone World, French in
Everyday English, etc. There were 24 doors in all and students from grades 5-8 all participated in small
groups. They researched their themes briefly. (I gave them basic information and they used
the encyclopedia for details.) This plus their imaginations and creative talents made for some very colorful
and informative door decorations. The students were then assigned a French Facts in Five, wherein they had
to study all the doors to collect information on all the themes. Finally, Upper School students were asked to
judge the decorations and prizes were awarded to the best door decoration.

Also during the week, 7th and 8th grade students created a Gallery of Famous French, a display of biographies
missing the name of the person. The name was hidden under a flap to encourage the reader to try to guess
who the person might be. A French Trivia display was created in a main corridor outside the office with
questions about French life and culture.

The highlight of the week was an all Middle School Assembly showcasing the students from all the classes
grades 5-8. The agenda included a parade of costumed students representing La Francophonie, reciting of
poetry and comptines, the play Le Petit Chaperon Rouge, reciting of French Facts (gleaned from several
of the AATF publications), and the folksong Dans les Prisons de Nantes.

This was the 4th year of our celebrations and the general response from students, parents and teachers
was that we are getting better each year. I also ask all faculty to make a French connection to their
subject matter during the week.

À l'année prochaine!

Linda Herron
Marshall Middle School
Duluth, MN


4th Report: Providence Academy Plymouth MN - a variety of activities

From: "gwoodbury@providenceacademy.org" "Gail Woodbury"
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Subj: Providence Academy French Week

Providence Academy activities for National French Week:

I had one class translate the menu for each day that week into French, and make a poster that we displayed in the Great Room. (Our cafeteria.) They also made print ads for different food products and displayed them around the school. Our wonderful school chef participated in French Week by serving éclairs one day, and mousse au chocolat another. He also made les croque-monsieurs.

I teach 3rd, 4th and 5th graders as well. I had student volunteers do the prayer of the day over the PA system in French. (We say the Lord's Prayer everyday at the beginning of class.) Another day, students recited the Pledge of Allegiance in French to begin the morning announcements.

Each day I also had a French trivia question. They read the question during the morning announcements over the P.A., and I e-mailed the answer to teachers and advisors. The kids had a lot of fun with it. I was surprised at how many students who don't take French (yet) were interested in learning about each day's trivia.


Gail Woodbury
Providence Academy
15100 Schmidt Lake Road
Plymouth, MN 55446
(763) 258-2500
www.providenceacademy.org Providence Academy website


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