Autumn Celebratory Gathering

Minnesota Chapter AATF

Friday, October 7, 2016


Old Main 4th Floor Lounge

Macalester College

St. Paul MN



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Minnesota Chapter French Teacher of the Year-2016 Award Ceremony




- Rosemount, HS -

The NINETEENTH Minnesota French Teacher of the Year !



Clare Hagen, has been the chapter's French Speaking Contest Registrations

and Awards director for over 22 years, She and her husband and their two sons were present for the award ceremony which

was coordinated by Chapter Treasurer, LaRae Ellingson (long time Teacher of the Year program coordinator),


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John Wollersheim, Rosemount HS principal, among others, wrote in her behalf:


"Based on the skillful approach she uses to help students reach their full potential, her leadership in strengthening world language at our school and most important, her deep care for her students, it is clear that Ms Hagen is a master teacher. I give her my highest recommendation for French Teacher of the Year. ...Perhaps Ms Hagen's greatest strength is the care she shows each of her students. Ms Hagen is a teacher with high expectations.

However, at the same time she is stretching students' skills, she is able to give them the individual attention they need to put them at ease and enjoy learning the French language and culture.

Ms Hagen's students love her as a teacher, because they know she loves them as students.

It is this special treatment that each student receives that sets Ms Hagen apart. ..."





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