• Limit of 4 time slots per category per school.

• There is only one special category for students who have lived in a francophone country after

the age of 6, or who live in a home where French is spoken. Native speakers may only

compete in category 8.

• In all categories, the length and difficulty of the material used should be appropriate to the level

of the student(s) - it is imperative that the student(s) demonstrate understanding of the

passage/song/theater piece through their presentation.

• Materials will be sent in early March, but only to those who have expressed an interest in


- Deadline for sending final registration: postmarked by Wed. March 30, 2005

- Each student must pay $6.00 per entry

- The registration fee must be sent in with the final registration. Registration willnot be \

complete until money is in (by the deadline!)

- No refunds/substitutions after Wed. March 30, 2005





• needs to be submitted on a standard size video cassette

• entire script must be in French (no English)

• length of video = maximum of 8 minutes

• voices must be recorded live, not dubbed in after the fact

• subject: Un Jeu de Télé-Réalité (participants must develop an ORIGINAL French

reality game show and showcase parts of it in the 8 min. video)

• make 2 copies of the score sheet (to be provided in early March materials) for each video. Be

sure to fill out all the appropriate information. (Note: There will be space provided for grade

levels and writing an explanation in English, etc.)

• deadline for sending in videos = postmarked by Wed. March 30, 2005




- four ratings (excellent, très bien, bien, assez bien)

- the top three ratings receive a medal with attached ribbon

(excellent=blue, très bien=red, bien=white)

- all participants receive a certificate with stars ready to affix


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