Letter - A VOUS LA PAROLE 2005


January 2005


Dear Colleagues,


I am pleased to announce the 2005 A Vous la Parole oral French contest. Once again thanks to the efforts of Betsy Kerr, it will be held Thursday, April 21, 2005, at Coffman Union on the campus of the University of Minnesota, from 9 AM to 1:30 PM. A Vous la Parole is open to students of French in Grades 7 through 12 accompanied by their teachers or representatives. Only students of AATF members may participate. The student's current teacher must be a member for her/him to be eligible. For you or your colleagues who are not current members of AATF, this is a good opportunity to renew/join by contacting MN-AATF treasurer LaRae Ellingson at 651-423-7501 or larae.ellingson@district196.org.


There will again be an opening ceremony this year which will probably begin around 9:00. Please plan on attending.

On the enclosed sheet you will notice that the categories are the same as they were last year. Please pay close attention to the specific information regarding time limits and specific levels of French. Cost per entry is still $6.


Again this year I am asking that you NOT make last-minute substitutions, but instead cancellations. I will outline this process in a later mailing. Similar to last year, certificates will be printed with names and categories, but you will be asked to affix the stars.


In order to finalize plans for this year's event, I need to know some information regarding number of students, time limitations and video entries. Individual students may enter in several categories, but each entry needs to be counted separately and paid separately. Due to limited space and time, I am unable to grant more than 4 time slots per category per school. That means 4 individuals in individual categories and 4 total groups in group categories from a single school.


To receive any other mailings for A Vous la Parole 2005, YOU MUST LET ME KNOW YOUR INTENTION TO PARTICIPATE BY Friday, February 25th, 2005. You can mail the enclosed form or e-mail the info to avouslaparole@hotmail.com. The second mailing should arrive by early March. For those of you who have never participated before, here is a synopsis of the process:


by Friday, February 25th --- you send or e-mail me the enclosed information regarding initial interest

in early March -- you will receive the final registration forms [and master video judging form & code (if applicable)]

by Wednesday, March 30th -- you send me your final registration forms (with students' names listed and $ included); [you will also send in your video entries according to directions given in the early March materials (if applicable)]

about 7-10 days prior to the contest -- you receive all master judging sheets, last minute instructions, codes, cancellation sheet

April 21st --- see you at the competition!


As always, I look forward to your participation and to the success of the 2005 A Vous la Parole.


Clare Hagen, coordinator, A Vous la Parole 2005


Please use this e-mail address instead of previous ones since I am on maternity leave:



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