Mn-AATF Réunion Annuelle
18 avril, 2008

Minnesota Humanities Center
St. Paul, Minnesota


Au dîner

- deux bons vins et un très bon buffet -

                                                              Rick Treece (l.), 1st Vice-Pres./ Sommelier extraordinaire et Prof. Munholland (r.)



Meeting old and making new friends at the 2008 AATF-MN Dinner

La Rae Ellingson's photo-portraits





ELEVENTH French Teacher of the Year - 2007/2008
John J. Janc, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Traci Nelson, nominator (l), LaRae Ellingson (c), Teacher of Year Committee Chair, Prof. John Janc, (r.)

Traci (herself a former Mn-AATF President), one of his former students, spoke eloquently of how he guided her through her French and French-teaching studies so thoroughly and became her life-long mentor.

For further details see: Mn AATF French Teacher of the Year webpage.


Chapter President, Lydia Belatèche, announced that everyone attending the dinner meeting would be receiving a copy of a booklet about the French in early Minnesota history, Héritage français et franco-canadien dans le Wisconsin et le Minnesota (1634-1841) , which was researched and written by Patricia Mougel, of the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities and sponsored by the Mn-AATF Chapter with funding from a grant from the National AATF.

l'Héritage français booklet Order information.

See Patricia Mougel's French Heritage articles on the Chapter's Minnesota French Facts webpage.

Prof. John Janc reveals his French word etymological origin game sheet answers


             To see the game and answer sheet, goto: Janc Articles: #9.

Patricia Mougel ( r. above) holding up the book she won for having the most correct answers to John Janc's French word origin quiz game -
The book she won, Wine and War, was the topic of the primary speaker for the evening.

J. Kim Munholland, Prof. Emeritus in History at the Univ. of Minnesota - Twin Cities.

WINE & WAR, The French, The Nazis & The Battle for France's Greatest Treasure
by Don and Petie Kladstrup, with the collaboration of Kim Munholland



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Arrangements skillfully coordinated by Mary Kuettner, Chapter Recording Secretary - Table gifts selected by LaRae Ellingson - Wine graciously donated by 1st Vice President, Rick Treece - Clichés fournis par notre Trésorière, LaRae Ellingson et par Mary Lou Wolsey, chapter webservant.

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